• I wanted to send a note of appreciation for the outstanding work you did in mediating the matter in December...I would recommend you again for any complicated, emotionally charged mediation. Karen Goodman, Sacramento, CA.
  • Nice meeting you yesterday. You did a great job. I never thought this case would settle. Next time someone needs a mediator, I'll be sure to recommend you.  Myron Moskovitz, Professor of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, CA.
  • Marc was our mediator in an emotionally charged, consumer finance case. He was thoroughly prepared for the mediation, but also demonstrated an efficiency that brought the parties to resolution in a matter of hours. We would welcome the opportunity to mediate with Marc again.  Kathleen Dooley, McGuire Woods, LLP, Charlotte, NC.
  • It is a pleasure for me to recommend the mediation services of Marc Fong...Mr. Fong recently mediated a multi party federal court case in which I was one of the defense attorneys. This case was a complicated and emotionally charged multi million dollar claim...Mr. Fong was well prepared for the mediation and handled the parties tactfully. The case settled shortly after mediation and Mr. Fong's efforts contributed to that. Based on my experience, I would utilize Mr. Fong as a mediator in the future and can recommend him without hesitation to other attorneys.  Mark A. Muro, Sacramento, CA.
  • I recently used you as a mediator in a very difficult and polarizing did a wonderful job in bringing the matter to closure...your interpersonal skills were showed patience, endurance and tenacity...Thanks again for helping to bring the matter to resolution.  Louis A. Highman, San Francisco, CA.  
  • Marc is a well rounded and talented lawyer that has handled complex and ground breaking litigation...My firm engaged Marc to mediate a difficult dispute between hostile parties...Marc provided seasoned guidance and a reasonable approach to initiate settlement discussions...I highly recommend Marc as a mediator.  Collete F. Stone, Walnut Creek, CA.
  • Mr. Fong took the time to become familiar with this complex case...Armed with his excellent command of these background materials, Mr. Fong played an active role in the mediation process...despite a number of tense moments...Ultimately the case settled, in no small measure due to Mr. Fong's commanding understanding of the facts and law and obvious empathy toward each of the parties. I highly recommend Mr. a mediator, as he is well suited for this work by virtue of his hard work ethic, fairness and ability to see the forest for the trees.  Stephan C. Volker, Oakland, CA.
  • Many thanks for your help. You saved everyone lots of time, money and headache; and you made it look easy.  William G. Segesta, Berkeley, CA.
  • Marc Fong is excellent.  Debra Graceffa, Oakland, CA.
  • Mr. Fong is an effective mediator...quickly navigating the myriad of issues...and efficiently bringing the case to a successful resolution.  Javed Ellahie, San Jose, CA.
  • Marc was our mediator in a trade secrets & wage case. His pre-mediation preparation was thorough and was important in settling the case. This was a challenging multiparty case, where there was a large mismatch in expectations between the parties. Marc successfully navigated communication barriers among corporate counsel, litigation counsel, and the parties. And he directed us to a good result.  Charles Jung, San Francisco,CA.
  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your efforts yesterday in getting the case settled. I confess that my expectations coming into the meeting yesterday were not high; so the result was unexpected and much appreciated. Lora Warren, Claims Examiner, Sacramento, CA.
  • Marc is knowledgeable and professional. He's had good success resolving disputes for my clients without the need for expensive and adverserial litigation. Ann Rankin, Oakland, CA.
  • Ann knew what she was doing when she pushed for you to mediate this matter. Thank you for your help in getting this done. Jim Molinelli, Oakland, CA.

  • Thank you for your successful mediation efforts yesterday. I have worked as a UN field evaluator in Zaire and Congo requiring diplomatic and professional stances, but I must confess that I have yet to learn to embrace a calm, collected, yet persuasive demeanor such as yours. My Armenian and Middle Eastern blood tends to boil when faced with certain challenges. Dr. Arka Kargodoria, Walnut Creek, CA.

  • Thanks for a job well done on the (name redacted) mediation!!! On to the next... Debra Bogaards, San Francisco, CA.

  • Thank you very much for your excellent assistance yesterday. Greatly appreciated. John Chapman, Alameda, CA.

  • Thanks Marc. You did a fantastic job... Jennifer Supman, San Francisco, CA.

         Additional references available upon request.