Attorneys will be asked to sign and return my retention agreement which, includes the following paragraphs:


$1500 per side if two sides, $1000 per side if three or more sides, to be provided at the time of the reservation.

Minimum charge per case: $3000

Fee and Costs

$600 per hour for time spent consulting with counsel, reviewing materials, preparing for and attending the mediation session.  Any travel time over one hour per day is charged at $300 per hour. There is a cancellation charge of $3000 if the matter is canceled less than four weeks (28 days) in advance of any day set for mediation unless it is immediately rescheduled. All out of pocket expenses incurred in connection with this mediation will be billed at cost. My fees are the joint and several obligation of the attorneys and parties on each side to the extent of that side's agreement to pay fees. Fees will be divided equally among the parties. All charges will be paid to my office in Alameda County within ten (10) days of an itemized written bill.